ABT Engine Control - New Generation


I. Advanced Technology 

No matter if petrol or diesel engines, the performance increase via the ABT Power software does make the difference. Electronic Engine Control Units (ECUs) are the control centre of modern vehicles, all functions gather here. With the ABT Engine Control Unit (AEC), an extensively developed additional engine control unit which was designed to the manufacturers standards, gets installed and works alongside the stock ECU. This so called Master / Slave Engine Control system makes all the difference and delivers you the best tuning solution available on the market.

The calibration of the ABT Engine Control unit together with the engine is performed ether through four analog channels or two digital (SENT Technology) and two analog channels for the correction of the sensor values like pressure, temperature and position of the actuators for example servomotors and the activation of them. The constant development & application of the ABT Engine Control system is constantly pushed on manufactures level to integrate even the newest technologies of the Automobile industry f. e. digital sensors.


II. Performance Maps

Most competitors still apply their application / changes based on a 2 dimensional characteristic curve, ether spanned across the engine load or the revolution speed. ABT Sportsline uses a 3 dimensional characteristic map, which is spanned across both, engine load and revolution speed. This is why the ABT Power - New Generation system is only active under full load or close to full load scenarios depending on load and rpm. The extra stress applied to the engine and the effected components is this way much less than compared to most competitors solutions, in which the turbocharger runs even under small load permanently on the pumps limit and effectively wears the turbo out. Not so with the ABT Engine Control unit.


Due to the individual, three dimensional application of the parameters, ABT can keep the continuous power output under full load constant, compared to the simple and conventional chip tuning solutions of competitors, who’s performance drops back under longer full-load operations to stock level.


III. Individual Development & Calibration 

Every vehicle / model / engine gets a individually developed ABT Power software tune, this guarantees not only a harmonic & smooth performance characteristic matched exactly to your vehicle, it also ensures that there is no overstraining of the engine, like it is the case with the “one fits all tuning boxes”. But not only the software is individual, also the hardware is adjusted & matched for each vehicle, this way the ABT Engine Control unit becomes a highly integrated part of the cars CAN-Bus system. The splash-proof cable harness allows for an integration into the vehicle infrastructure incl. the cars internal communications network without any difficulties. A GoreTex® pill inside the also splash-proof Engine Control unit protects the unit also from the inside against any condensation, the entire system was tested extensively for electromagnetic tolerances, salt-spray, thermo-shock, etc. It also has a independent certification by the TÜV Rheinland to guarantee our customers the best possible reliability, product and therefore results. German quality made by ABT Sportsline.


IV. Optimum Protection for Your Engine

The ABT Engine Control system analysis a multitude of measurement data in realtime to develop the optimum power delivery, without over stressing the engine and other affected components. Compared to most competitors solutions, the developments coming out of our engineering department, do prevent defects and damages with the vehicles power train and its components. Each model, engine and transmission version has its own individual, calibrated and fine tuned data set, this way we can adjust components safeguards individual to each vehicle within the additional engine control unit and do not interfere with any safety measurements of the serial ECU.


For Example the cars engine temperature, if the engine is cold only the stock power, which is accessible through the vehicles serial ECU, is available which is also the case if the temperatures run too high. The same serial safety guards are also still in place if the charging air temperature gets too high.

The ABT Power - New Generation system takes also factors like altitude in consideration, due to the change in the conditions the power output is adjusted in order to ensure the safety of the turbocharger. Another area, which is influenced, is the fuel rail pressure, the maximum height is limited to guarantee the safety of the injection components. This is sensor controlled engine management - made by ABT.

Because all functions in the AEC's software are physically based, all performance-relevant measurements and input parameters are collected & analysed, fine tuned / adjusted and translated into “ABT Power” commands within the AEC which controls all physical adaptations, like revolution speed (rpm), air mass to fuel mixture, monitors coolant- and intake temperatures, engine & exhaust temperatures, inlet manifold temperature, vehicle speed, rail pressure, boost pressure, ignition timing, maximum speed, climate conditions, altitude, petrol quality etc. and reacts accordingly.

The benefits are not only more performance, better driveability, maximum acceleration in every gear and higher top speed, it also is the only way to deliver additional power so that all affected components can actually handle the higher performance and you do not have to worry about the long term consequences. Because our system measures against power reduction, too high exhaust temperature, loading of the DPF and more, there is no better and safer way to increase your cars performance.

All this is possible due to the CAN communication / integration, which you only get with an ABT Power - New Generation upgrade - The best tuning solution on the market.


V. Different Tuning Solutions In Comparison

  ABT Engine Control ECU Flash Tunebox
Second control unit works alongside the serial ECU, which leaves you with two fully operational units. No change to existing hardware / no mechanical intervention of the serial ECU or splitting of cable harness. Tuning is a 100% reversible and for that reason can be reverted to their original condition without a trace if necessary.
No problem servicing your vehicle as it stays fully diagnosable, even manufacturers software updates can still be carried out without removing the ABT Engine Control unit.
Full integration and communication through the vehicles CAN-Bus system / connection & monitoring of vehicles built-in sensors. (e.g. revolution speed, airmass, coolant & intake temperatures, exhaust temperatures, vehicle speed, intake pressure, etc.)
CAN-Bus communication allows all functions in tuning software to be physically based, takes influencing factors in consideration, and allows to make adjustments like boost pressure, ignition timing, injected fuel quantity, maximum speed, change of V-max etc. All will be controlled by a seperate control unit.
Safety of engine & turbocharger are monitored and taken in consideration during operation (engine hot/cold, inlet manifold, climate conditions / altitude and petrol quality, etc.)
Because of the ability to change the air / fuel mixture, optimized fuel consumption guaranteed.
Factory installed engine protection features (overloading or excess pressure, activation MIL, monitoring VIN, etc.) are not affected and still operational.
Highest quality, componets used which come from the same suppliers the manufacturer uses, real OEM fit. Test procedures & quality checks are equal to manufacturer, EMV, leak tightness, corrosion, vibration stability, etc.
German engineered / designed & made quality with independently certified approval by German TÜV for every single tune / product.
State of the art production facility with MAHA dynamometer setup to match manufacturers facilities. All technical development in house with individual dataset (tuning file) for every car, model, engine & transmission.
Tuner takes responsibiliy and pride in their work, offers to take over new car warranty on entire drivetrain for up to 2 years / 100.00 km.
Over 40 years of exclusive partnership with Audi / Volkswagen Group



VI. More Power without increased Fuel Consumption

More torque, faster accelaration and stronger performance does not necessarly mean an increase in carbon dioxide, at least not with the ABT Power upgrade. The fuel consumption, with or without a performance increase, depends primarily on your driving style.

With the ABT Power the desired driving performance can be achieved with much less use of the throttle, which effectifly results in less fuel consumption. The horsepower to CO2 output can this way be reduced by up to 20%. The stock exhaust classification is maintained, with most ABT Power / ABT Power S performance increases the CO2 output stays analog to the production vehicle.

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