Styling components developed for the new ABT Audi A4 Avant, are in harmony with the car’s character - confident and dynamic, but never overbearing. The front spoiler combined with the new front grille and striking headlight design complement one another, the car appearing to press down onto the road. This sporty approach taken by the ABT Sportsline designers is echoed in the rear skirt set including the muffler system with dual twin end-pipes complete the design of this profoundly stylish car.

Front Skirt Add-On

Part number: 8W008002110
Description material ABS / gloss black
Price $ 590.00 incl. GST & Shipping

Fender Inserts

Part number: 4M008006150
Description 2 pieces / material ABS unprimed
Price $ 690.00 incl. GST & Shipping

Front Grille

Part number: 8W008002170
Description material ABS; consisting of: Front Grill Add-On in silver (1-pcs.), Air Intake Cover in gloss black (2-pcs.)
Price $ 1,190.00 incl. GST & Shipping

Rear Skirt Set

Part number: 8W008002130-1
Description consisting of: Rear Skirt Insert; material PUR / primed, 4-pipe Rear Muffler System; Ø 84mm, material: stainless steel
Remarks for 3.0 TDI, only for vehicles with S-line exterior package
Price $ 3,290.00 incl. GST & Shipping
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