ABT Takes Over Existing Manufacturer's Warranty.

A crucial deciding factor for customers when purchasing a new vehicle is the car manufacturer’s warranty and the benefits it brings. ABT Sportsline Australia understands the importance of an existing manufacturer warranty and realises that many people are simply not willing to relinquish this warranty, in pursuance of a power enhancement for their new car.

Many solutions currently available on the market ignore this fact, expecting the customer to take the risk and discard their remaining warranty. ABT invests considerable time and money in the development of their products, ensuring that all modifications made to a vehicle remain entirely within its capability and tolerance, including all components affected by the power enhancement. For this very reason, we perform countless quality and safety checks to ensure the life of your vehicle is not cut short or compromised in any way, and can confidently provide the unique warranty offer to our customers that every ABT - New Generation performance upgrade comes with a 2 year / 100,000 km warranty on the entire drivetrain.

Motorsport, More Relevant To You Then You Think.

When you have competed in premium motorsport for more then six decades, you understand the limits of materials and how far they can be pushed in order to obtain their best possible performance. This knowledge and wealth of racing experience has been directly applied to our entire product range, and allows us complete confidence in providing the ultimate result for you and your vehicle.

An Unbeatable Warranty Solution.

ABT Sportsline Australia provides the best / unmatched warranty solution on the market. Together with the ABT Sportsline headquarters in Germany, we offer an insurance package tailored to the needs of the car enthusiast, allowing total assurance and peace of mind. There’s no longer a reason to be concerned about engine modifications. Just enjoy the ride.


What we offer is simple. ABT Sportsline Australia will assume the existing new car warranty and the conditions originally granted by the manufacturer, when a customer receives electronic engine management system modifications such as increased engine performance or the removal of the standard maximum speed limit. This means that all components affected by the motor tuning will be covered by ABT Sportsline and in the unlikely case of a product malfunction, customers will be well looked after. Modifications must be completed by ABT Sportsline Australia or one of their authorised tuning partners to qualify.

Unlike other chip tuning products on the market, the New Generation ABT Engine Control, is a separate unit installed in addition to your existing ECU. The manufacturer’s computer remains unchanged by the ABT Engine Control. In the unlikely event of a product defect, the original control unit is still fully functional.

* For more information about the insurance policy and its conditions, please contact ABT Sportsline Australia.

Enjoy The Ride Without Concern.

By taking advantage of this unbeatable warranty solution you can enjoy your vehicle’s new performance, without worrying about losing the security a manufacturer’s warranty delivers. As long as the work is carried out by one of our authorised tuning partners, and all other conditions are fulfilled, there is no need for concern.

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